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Grocery Shopping in Stockholm


This week I’ll be focusing on, in my personal opinion, one of the most crucial elements to life, well anywhere. And that’s on the topic of your grocery options here in the city.

Let’s jump right to it with Olivia’s lowdown of what choices you have here in lovely Sthlm (look at the new short I’ve learned-ha!):

  • ICA– the biggest chain supermarket in Sweden. Along with having the most locations throughout the city (named differently however, ICA Nära, ICA Kvantum, ICA Supermarket), there’s a ICA convenient located right at the Lappis Student Campus which many of you will be living at. Although word of caution, ICA Nära’s prices certainly are not competitive as they are meant to be more convenient than they are cheap. Nevertheless, good for the occasional milk runs or desperate toilet paper outages.
  • COOP– another large chain that can be found in almost every neighborhood (even at the T-Central subway station, talk about convenient!). Prices are higher than most other supermarkets, but produce and variety is often unbeatable. Look out for weekly deals!
  • Hemköp– owned by the same people as Willy’s, this chain is, what I like to think of as, the pricier albeit better located version of Willy’s. Prices are reasonable but certainly not the best deals going around. Check out their weekly discounts as they can be quite good.
  • Lidl– German supermarket chain with fewer locations spread throughout the city and suburbs. This chain is a favorite of students as prices are the cheapest and they stock almost everything you will need to survive here as a student- food, basic necessities for the home, etc. Definitely the most budget-friendly option you have for groceries around town.
  • Willy’s– another chain, but with much fewer locations in the city (although there is one conveniently located to one of the two IKEA’s that you will most likely be visiting during your stay here with Stockholm University). Prices are worth the trip out if you ask me. Great weekly deals and very reasonable prices for everything from fruits and cookies to candles and toiletries.
  • Pressbyrån– less of a supermarket as they are convenience stores (think 7-Eleven), however given that they are located at every corner you can imagine, it is worth a mention. Limited selection with high prices, but good for picking up the snacks and drinks needed for that fredagsmys. Plus, they also sell metro cards as well as phone cards for anyone on a prepaid plan.

Next week, I’ll dive further into grocery options, but this time international choices for those worldly taste-buds out there. Don’t forget to tune in!




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