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Grocery Shopping in Stockholm: International Options

Hej alihoppa!

As promised last week, I’ll continue this weeks post with a list of international grocery options around and surrounding Stockholm. As a Swedish implant myself, goodness knows I have cravings for other food aside from Sweden’s usual fares on the not-so-rare occasion!

Lets get to it, shall we?

  • Kista Grossen- local supermarket with a good selection of mixes of Middle-Eastern, Greek and Asian food located at: Torsnäsgatan 4-5 (near A-entrance outside Kista Galleria) – T-stop: Kista (blue line)
  • The English Shop- a British and American food & gifts shop located at: Söderhallarna 1st floor – T-stop: Medborgarplatsen (green line)
  • Taylors and Jones- a small British shop specializing in meats located at: Hantverkargatan 12 – T-stop: Rådhuset (blue line)
  • Japanska Torget- Japanese supermarket selling groceries and goods located at: Tegnérgatan 6 – T-stop: Rådmansgatan (green line)
  • Japan Food & Kitchen, JFK Shop- a larger Japanese supermarket with wider selection located at:
    Swedenborgsgatan 28 – T-stop: Mariatorget (Red line) or Medborgarplatsen (Green line)
  • Indian food center- an Indian supermarket located at Kungsholmsgatan 15 – T-stop: Rådhuset (blue line)
  • Hong Kong Trading- Asian supermarket selling predominantly Chinese foods (great selections of sauces and spices) located at: Olofsgatan 5 – T-stop: Hötorget (green line)
  • Asian Market- asian supermarket selling mostly Thai foods with a tiny bit of Chinese sauces. Not very cheap, but good for Thai food lovers! Located at: Olaf Palmes Gata 12- T-stop: Hötorget (green line)
  • Oriental Supermarket (Great Wall in Mandarin)- the biggest and best (in my opinion) of Chinese supermarkets. Fantastic selection of all Chinese foods, complete with a counter selling fresh steamed buns, dim sum dishes and even Peking Duck. Reasonable prices for most items also. Located at: Hötorget (exit at Sergelgatan) (green line)
  • Latinamerikanska Livsmedel- Latin american supermarket located at:
    Hötorgshallen 20 – T-stop: Hötorget (green line)Well there you have it! A small list of some of the great international options that Stockholm has to offer you during your stay here with us. There’s bound to be a bunch more that even I have yet to discover, but that’s the fun part of this entire journey- never-ending discoveries. 

    Until next time,



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