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“Been on a cruise”, check!

Last week on Thursday: it was the day that I would be totally integrated within the Swedish society, as I have been told that you’re not a Swede if you have not been on a cruise. Hence, I went on the cruise to Helsingfors (Helsinki).

Well about the boat: we were with a group of 12 students from Sweden that went to the Nordic Sales Summit in Lappeenrenta, Finland. We went by boat to Helsinki and after that a bus was ready to take us to the venue where the conference took place. It was just an amazing experience by being on the boat at first.

We arrived and the boat company took a picture of all of us together; the start of the trip. Then we entered the boat and went straight to our cabins, which were very comfortable, not to big,  but good enough to sleep in for one night. After a tour on the boat and at the deck (and the selfies/groupies that come along) we decided to get a program brochure with all the activities that take place on the boat during the night. We tried to join each and everyone of them! But FIRST: a cruise is not a cruise without alcohol. The alcohol is inexpensive, because it is duty free (really cool for students of course!). We bought some, had some drinking games and got each other a little bit better by doing so. After that we participated in a quiz, where we won another cruise, YAY! It is just a great experience to be there with Swedish and Finnish people (or other internationals) and have fun :-).

The last event before the party started was the karaoke program, where during my visit Finnish people sang very dramatic traditional Finnish songs. We tried to bring the whole room together by singing more up-tempo numbers. After a few songs finally some people came dancing with us on the dance floor. The last song “We are the world” that we sang, brought all of the people together on the dance floor and on the stage singing with us! Such an amazing experience 🙂

Obviously, I felt very Swedish after my boat trip to Helsinki. When you are in Sweden, try it out because there are offers to many places such as Riga and Tallinn! One small note is that most of the people on the boat are usually above 50 😛

Have a wonderful weekend!


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