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Political Science I (First Half)

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Hello everyone!

The spring semester is now halfway. As I’m in the Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration and Political Science (I have told more about the program in my first post), I have been studying at the Department of Political Science this semester, doing Political Science I which consists of four different courses. Even though my courses are not at the Business School I thought I’d tell a little bit more about the courses I’ve taken so far in case there are some interested future BAPS students on the other side of the screen.

My semester started with a course Political Theory.  The course was an introduction to contemporary political philosophy and central topics in political debate such as equality, justice and multiculturalism. The course consisted of both lectures and seminars but the seminars definitely had a bigger emphasis. There were seven seminars in total, more than in any previous course I’ve taken at SU, and they were all mandatory. Each seminar had its own theme (gender, global justice, multiculturalism etc) and the theme was presented by both the teacher and a working group. In addition about a third of each seminar was devoted for general discussion about the topic. I felt this was a really good way of working on these complex, rather abstract concepts and we had some really interesting discussions in class. Everyone had to participate in one working group preparing a presentation for one of the seminars and in addition write two essays, one of them being a take-home exam. There was no traditional sit-down exam.

Political Theory was followed by Swedish Politics. As the name suggests, the course was about Swedish politics both on local, national and European Union level. In comparison with the Political Theory which was rather philosophical in nature, this course dealt with much more concrete themes such as how different institutions are organised. The course included three mandatory seminars and a group project that needed to be attended in order to pass the course but the grading is solely based in the exam held in the end of course.

I feel the quality of teaching has been high and the teachers have been really supportive and helpful so so far I have been very happy with my studies at the Department of Political Science. I’m really looking forward to the two courses I have left this semester: Comparative Politics and International Politics.

Don’t forget that the application period for next fall semester has begun so if you want to be studying this next year make sure to apply now!



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