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Where to study?

Probably one of the most important things in the life of a student is studying and as you spent so much time on that you could better do it in a comfortable way. Some of us just stay at home and have the comfort always around, but in this blog post you can find some tips to study comfortable “outside”. All the places that you can find here are suitable for studying by yourself and in groups:

  1. Studenthuset
    Probably one of the best places to study is the Studenthuset at Frescaticampus. Since the building is very new, it is very comfortable, full of colours, huge windows and a great atmosphere. This is my number one place to study as I get really happy by the colorful walls. The coffee corner is in the same building, which makes it quite convenient as you don’t necessarily have to go out for lunch of coffee. Furthermore, it is easy to travel to Kräftriket when you have to attend lectures or seminars or you can just walk from there.
  2. Studentpalatset
    If you live in the city center then this is probably the most convenient place as it is right next to Odenplan. This building looks like (as the name implies) a palace, because of the high ceilings and the big stairs. You can choose to sit in one of the reading areas or just sit at one of the tables in the corridors. As it is very central situated you can just go out for lunch at any place, or go to a supermarkt at the square of Odenplan, but you can also just bring your food and warm it up in one of the microwaves. You do not have to go out necessarily, because they offer small lunches at the coffee corner there as well.
  3. Frescati Library
    Just want to stay at the university campus? Then go to the Frescati Library, which is situated just a few meters away from the Studenthuset. It is very convenient because of the many group rooms you can book there. It has the real “quite” library feeling. Many research databases can be found in this library as well, which makes it easier for you to write your thesis for example. Furthermore, you can easily access many lunchplaces at Frescati and the lecture rooms at Kräftriket.

In the end it is about your personal connections to the study place, because you need to feel comfortable in order to study well. Try out these suggestions and find your favorit place to study!


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