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What to do in the third semester?

As many of you know, the Master’s programs at SBS provide you with many opportunities to do during the third semester. At the SUMA program you can do either an internshipan exchange or take elective courses within whole Sweden. From the beginning of this program I was sure that I wanted to go on exchange to an Asian country, because I would get so much experience and develop myself personally a lot. Especially the culture differences and the ability to travel around on the other continent appealed to me a lot. Besides that, I found a very interesting school where SBS has an agreement with.

Hence, a few weeks ago we had to send our application for exchange studies, so that is what I have been doing. While writing the motivation letter and going through the courses of the universities I was applying for I got so excited. After sending in my application, exchange sounded so far away, but not even after two weeks we received an offer! It was so cool that I received my first priority, thus, I could study in China! We had to accept the offer within 4 days, so we needed to decide very quickly!

In the beginning I was so excited, because this is what I wanted from the start. However, one thing changed in the period from applying for the Master’s program until now: I fell in love with Stockholm. I like it here so much now that I really consider staying here after finishing the degree. I have been thinking it thoroughly through and for me personally: it was best to reject the offer and stay in Sweden to follow few of the amazing electives offered here instead. I think it is important to base the decisions on your own personality and your own feelings, rather than others. It was a very tough decision for me to make, but I am happy that I took this decision now 🙂 So the next challenge is: what electives to choose? 


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