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SEMA, CCT, QURE & BCP – Spring 2015 Courses

This semester has been flying by! Between coursework, student activities, Swedish lessons and a part time job, it can be tough to remember to have some fun as well! With the easter break coming up, we will have 6 days off from school, and I can’t wait! 🙂

This week, I will let you know a little about what we have been up to in the CBM program. In January, we started the spring semester off with Service Marketing (SEMA) where we had a few great guest lecturers, some interesting group projects and a final take-home exam. The majority of the coursework was completed in small groups, then the exam was a pass/fail essay. This exam was an article from the Wallstreet Journal and we had to apply any relevant course knowledge in an analysis. We had 2.5 days to complete the exam. This course passed by so quickly, it was a bit of a whirlwind!

After submitting the final exam in SEMA, we moved directly into the second course of the semester – Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). This course covered many new topics, but also continued to develop on the course material from Advanced Consumer Behaviour. In CCT, the course consisted of individual work, which is different from the structure of the other courses. However, it was a nice change to have a short break from group work, especially since the two courses we are currently taking consist almost entirely of group work again. We wrapped up this course with a final exam where we had our choice of topics. Students could select one phenomenon from a list that included Airbnb, Instagram, Tinder, Volvo, Louis Vuitton, The Swedish Royal Family, David Beckham or the Euro Vision Song Contest. All of these topics could be discussed in relation to 2/3 of the following CCT concepts: Globalization, Resistance and/or Identity & Meaning. We had approximately 2 days to complete the exam. This fun twist on an standard exam topic helped to keep us enthusiastic and engaged during the writing period!

This week, we started two new courses: Brands A Cultural Perspective (BCP)and Qualitative Research Methods (QURE). In both of these courses, we are working in groups. For QURE, we developed a research question that we will use for a Pilot Study, as practice for our thesis semester. In BCP, we will complete a brand analysis covering topics including (but not limited to):

  • the analysis of the cultural landscape of an brand
  • methodological perspectives and issues involved in cultural branding
  • cultural values in a particular market context
  • critique (analysis) of brand management, or any of the brand-related topics discussed in the readings and lectures

The project will be presented in a report & presentation.

Once we wrap these courses up, it will be time for the summer break! Some of us will work, some will travel and some will continue taking summer courses. Before we know it, it will be time to begin the Internship, Elective Courses or the Exchange! We have students going in all directions for this upcoming semester.

Until next time!


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