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Internal Auditing

Last Friday I was writing my exam and the next Monday we already had the first lecture of the new course that started immediately after finishing the other course. Everything happens in such a rapid pace at Uppsala University compared to the previous semester where we followed everything two courses in parallel. The next course is one the courses everyone has been waiting for because finally we will get to do some practical stuff in auditing. Of course I am talking about the course : Internal Auditing. The very interesting parts of this course are:

  • It is highly relevant to the content of the program
  • It enables you to practice on how to do an internal audit
  • We have three seminars of which one is held at Ekonomikum, one at KPMG and one at EY.

Especially the last part is very interesting, because the reports and presentations will be held at the headquarter’s of these audit firms and judged by them as well. Furthermore, we will have a company presentation as well to get to know the audit firms better. This is the unique chance to network for those that aspire a career at one of these firms.

We will have lectures almost every day in this period, meaning that there will be a lot of traveling to Uppsala: quite intense!

Still very looking forward to actually start working 🙂

Have a wonderful day!


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