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Getting a Swedish ID Card

Hello Again everyone!

This week, I thought I would share my experience of getting a Swedish ID Card.

Students who obtain a permanent residence permit from the Skatteverket & Migrationsverket are eligible for a Swedish ID Card. This is super handy when you go to the Systembolaget for example, or to bars that require you to be 18+. Every time I show my Canadian ID Card, the sales associates always ask where my date of birth is, since it is in a different location than the Swedish and European ID cards!

Side Note: The Cost for a Swedish ID Card is 400 SEK & Must be paid online in advance!

In order to get a Swedish ID Card, there are several possible steps you can consider:

1. If you are a registered partner with someone (Sambo) and they have a Swedish ID Card, then you can have them verify your identity for you and apply for a card through them with a confirmation of your payment

2. If you have a UT Card or Permanent Residence Permit plus your foreign passport and a confirmation of the payment

3. If you are under 18, your parents or legal guardians will have to come with you to sign and verify your identity and have confirmation of the payment

For the fully detailed list, check the Skatteverket website here!

When I went to the Skatteverket to apply for mine, I was asked to take a number and wait in the sitting room. When my number was called, I went to the service counter and presented my Canadian passport, Residence Permit Card and proof that I had paid the application fee of 400 SEK. Then the service representative walked me through an online application to fill in my personal information. They also took my height measurements and photograph. Lastly, I was walked through a e-verification provided by Telia to finish off the process. They assured me my card would arrive in 2 – 4 weeks, and all I had to do now was wait! Once I get the letter in the mail stating that my card is ready, I will go and pick it up. All in all it was a very simple process, and if I am not mistaken, it is even easier for European students!

If you have not already gotten your residence permit, then follow the instructions here.

Don’t forget: In order to get a Swedish ID card, you have to go to the Skatteverket at Lindhagensgatan 76, 112 18 Stockholm. This is the Skatteverket that processes ID requests.

Just remember, to apply for a residence permit for studying, make sure you have a letter of acceptance, proof that the tuition fee (if applicable) has been paid, proof that you have enough money to support yourself and have paid the application fee!

Best of luck and until next time 😀 For those of you celebrating Easter, I hope you have a lovely long weekend and break from classes!


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