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Visiting Fotografiska

Hello hello!

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their Easter break so far. Unlike many others I’m not travelling or visiting home during Easter. Instead, I’m having some pretty awesome people visit me here in Stockholm over the weekend and the coming week. First my mom and dad came for a short visit and tomorrow one of my best friends is flying over from Finland, yay! It’s always nice to show people back home your new city, your new friends and your new life. Somehow makes it easier to tell them about it when you have some kind of reference point.

So today I spent the day with my parents. They have been to Stockholm several times before and already been to Gamla Stan and to the city centre where tourists usually go first. Therefore we headed to my favourite part of town, Södermalm, where they had never been before. I showed them around my favourite streets and places but we also did something that was completely new to me as well – we visited Fotografiska museum.

Fotografiska is located in an Art Noveau styled building from 1906

Fotografiska is located in an Art Nouveau styled building from 1906

Fotografiska is a centre for contemporary photography located on the north side of Södermalm. They host 15 to 20 exhibitions a year. Currently they have four: Redemption by Andres Serrano, Souvenir by Martin Parr, Fotogram by Ewa Stackelberg and Årets bild which displays the best pictures of Sweden’s most prestigious photojournalism competition. In addition, they have a café, a restaurant, a store (tip for everyone into decoration: they sell very cool posters) and they even arrange photography courses. Also which I think is a cool addition, the museum is open later than most museums, until 11pm, so it can also be a fun alternative evening activity.

Part of Martin Parr's Souvenir

Part of Martin Parr’s Souvenir

Like I said I’d never been to Fotografiska before but I had heard my friends praising the place – and I don’t blame them! I really enjoyed it and it easily became my favourite museum in Stockholm. Of the current exhibitions I probably enjoyed Årets bild the most. I just find it amazing how people have been able catch just the right moment in real-life situations in order to create a striking image. But all in all it was a great experience and I’d definitely recommend visiting Fotografiska!



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