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Getting Around the City: Part 1/4

Greetings to all our lovely readers!

I wanted to touch upon an important aspect and topic of life here in the beautiful city of Stockholm- transportation and how I personally, as an American SBS student, have been getting around since I’ve first arrived.

Now aside from the artful stations of the Tunnelbanna/T-Bana lines (a.k.a. the Subway as we New Yorkers are used to referring to) (Fun fact: Stockholm’s transit system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit at 110 kilometers long)- which are sufficiently and efficiently handy and well-run mind you- there are also the corresponding Pendeltåg and Roslagsbanan (train and commuter rail lines) that many aren’t aware of or forget. These might not be the prettiest stations, but they are a godsend to fill out those sparsely commuted to areas that you just happen to need to go to at certain times.

Additionally, there are a number of lines that run to surrounding counties and towns, although they may require an additional fare so plan out your route before leaving home!

  • Here’s a link to plan your trip using the handy-dandy SL Route Planner that I use often! 
  • Another quick and easy way to get around by viewing routes and time schedules of the T-Bana and buses is an app called Res i Sthlm that I use on an everyday basis to and from school, as well as going anywhere new. I would highly recommend you download this immediately as it will become your new bestie around town.

Below is a map of the Stockholm T-Bana system: 


Tune in next week as I introduce the bus lines as well as other forms of transportation I’ve been personally using as a newly-transplanted Stockholmer!

Until then, 



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