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While growing up many people celebrate their birthdays together with family and friends, but in life you cannot escape from the moment that you are not at home. Especially when you are living abroad, you will have to deal with the fact that you will not always be able to spend your birthday with family. Some people do not really care that much about that, but some people do. I do because I am a real family person.

A few weeks ago I turned 22 and even though I do not like to celebrate my birthday at all, I have always had family around me during the 21 birthdays I had before. I realized that this was the first birthday in another country and the first birthday that I was not surrounded by my usual friends and my family. Even though I missed my family and friends from back home on my birthday, I still enjoyed the party, because of the network that I built up here. The friends that I have here in Stockholm became my family and never really realized that.

I just wanted to say that if you invest your time in friendships, it will definitely pay off so do not worry to much about these things when considering studying abroad. Some friends you make here will eventually be part of your “new family”.

Also do not forget that the deadline for application is tomorrow (15th of April)! 


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