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Getting Around the City: Part 2/4

Dear fellow readers,

As promised, I will continue from last week’s post on how I’ve personally been getting around Stockholm as well as some of my favorites tips and tricks! First off, let’s chat some about buses in Stockholm city. To be very honest, I feel that it could certainly improve.

From what I’ve experienced, here are a few things I have noticed since starting to take buses:

  • Bus 40 (Red) will be lifeline if you live on Campus Lappis since it is the only one running there.
  • Bus 40 also coincidentally is the bus line that’s always often late when coming from the city.
  • and if you’re on one of the via (example: Ekhagen) stops on Bus 40, don’t ever count on being on time, and if you are you will either be way early or way late. Why? Because that’s just how often it runs.
  • Bus 2 and 4 (Blue) are ones that you will come to love as it runs very frequently- and the buses are huge (with two long parts connected by a tubey-looking thing I have no clue what it’s actually called. This means you will usually be able to get a seat- YES.
  • Always prioritize taking Bus 70 mot Universitetet (Red) over Bus 40- any day.
  • Double-deckers are usually pretty fun if you’ve never seen one before since it feels more like state-crossing travel bus back in the States.
  • You will need to take the bus to a nearby T-Bana stop, always, since the Business School is not actually at one, but instead it’s at an bus stop called Albano. Good thing is that you have plenty of choices: ride over to the University (Universitetet), the other University (KTH, Östra Station), or even to Odenplan (where many kids seem to transfer at).
  • Again, don’t forget to get the Res i Sthlm app as it will make all these bus trips THAT much easier to navigate. Why make life harder for yourself, right?
  • Also, try not to miss your stop. This is self explainable. Don’t complicate things, yes?

Below is a map of the Stockholm bus system for reference: 


Tune in next week!



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