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Healthy lifestyle

If you come to Stockholm with the mindset of eating only take-out and fastfood, I am sorry but you have to rethink that if you want to fit into Swedish society. Especially within this developed country the people (and especially students!) are very conscious about how they act and what they do: hence, they are very concerned about what they eat as well. I will not give a lecture about the importance of eating healthy, instead I will give some practical tips how to assimilate to Swedish culture:

  • Be conscious about the world you live in and think about that every action you perform has an impact. Recycle is what the Swedes do everywhere: at home and even at university you can separate metal from paper and plastic.
  • If you have the money to spend (or the willingness to offer something else) you can even take it a step further by buying only ecological food and vegetables, which has a huge assortment in the Swedish supermarkets.
  • Do not be scared to bring your own prepared super foods (make an extra portion the day before) to school, because many Swedes bring their self-prepared dishes to university and warm it up in one of the many microwaves.
  • Fresh salades could be bought at the different food courts at university.
  • Eating healthy and maybe some super foods will provide you with a continuous energy level and enhances your productivity.
  • Get that membership card at the gym!

Even though one can find some fastfood places in Sweden it does not mean that many Swedes go to them. However, if we are talking about this healthy life style I have to say that Swedes have one weak spot: coffee! 


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