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Getting Around the City: Part 4/4

Lovely little readers,

Now that you’re a little more in-tuned with the transport/transit system here in Stockholm after my little series of posts from the past few weeks (along with prices, tips and tricks and some things to take note of), I want to introduce you all to something much more interesting. Well, according to me at least.

The following two maps that you’re about to see will not only help you familiar yourselves with Stockholms neighborhoods, attractions, and points of interest by their English names (Map A), but also help you in determining Your ‘fika scene.’ (Map B)! Yes, that’s right, a map of Stockholms cafés according T-Bana stops- how awesome is that?

Here what I’m talking about:


Map A (Courtesy of 


Map B (Courtesy of

What do you all think? Nifty, aren’t they?

Be sure to save these images because not only will it help you navigate Stockholm as a newbie without the fuss of mispronunciation, but also get to know the city better now that you have secondary name alternatives for them when you need to refer to them.

Secondly, who doesn’t love a good fika at a café that you can now pick and choose when you’re coincidentally in the area/stop!

Well, that’s all for now little lovelies- hope y’all enjoyed this little series of posts on transportation and navigating your way-with and without fikas- in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Until next time, 



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