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Valborg in Uppsala

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Hello everyone!

A rather busy week behind. My week contained a lot of studying as I had two exams. In addition, Valborg was celebrated on Thursday so I also wanted to take some time participate in this traditional Swedish spring celebration.

Walpurgis Night or Valborg as it is known in Sweden is nowadays seen as a celebration of springtime. It is celebrated on the last day of April and it precedes Labour Day which is a public holiday. The traditions how to celebrate Valborg vary in different parts of the country but one of the main traditions in Sweden is lighting up large bonfires. Valborg is especially popular among university students and widely celebrated in Sweden’s biggest university towns. One of them is Uppsala that is located less than an hour away from Stockholm with the train. That’s where me and my friends also headed on Thursday to experience the real student Valborg.

Valborg in Uppsala contains many traditions. During the day Engineering and Science students organize a river rafting and raft through the town with homemade, often humorously decorated rafts. Some student nations hold “champagne races” (Champagnegalopp in Swedish), where people go to drink and spray champagne or sparkling wine on each other. People gather in parks to eat, drink and hang out together. In the evening the party continues in the university’s student nations. If you’re a student in another university than Uppsala you can purchase a guest card that acts as a temporary membership so that you can get into these parties.

We started planning on going to Uppsala a bit too late so we didn’t have the guest passes and skipped the parties at the nations. We spent the whole day in Uppsala though and had a blast! The whole town was full of people, everyone was feeling happy and the atmosphere was just great. We also had luck with the weather as the sun was shining until the evening. All in all a really fun day!

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Have a great week everyone!