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The last generation

Recently, I got shocked, because I heard that the SUMA program will come to an end and the upcoming year will be the last generation of SUMA’ers. It is a pity, because it is a good program in terms of getting a job after graduation and even before. I hope you have applied for this program at SBS already and I will elaborate on why to choose this program:

  • It is a collaboration between two very good universities in Sweden: Stockholm Business School and Uppsala University. This enables you to experience two different ways of teaching.
  • The combination of accounting and auditing is very unique here in Sweden, which makes your degree especially interesting for future employers.
  • The program has many guest lecturers, with whom you can interact after the class: networking opportunities! Furthermore, the Big 4 companies are especially interested and hence they even organize events especially for students from this program.
  • During the first class, the head of our program told us that many people will get employed even before graduation. I did not really take that in, because everyone says that to promote the success of a program. However, when 3 friends in our group of four already got employed by now (including me) I totally believe it.

Hence, it has been a good choice if you have decided to apply for the SUMA program. Now, you just have to await the decision of admission.


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