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May: The Month of Red Days (aka Bank Holidays)!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the arrival of spring, I know I am! Spring offers so many more activities here in Stockholm, and I am trying to find a way to experience them all. 🙂

Last weekend, Swedes celebrated a holiday called Valborg, and since Meri already shared her experience with you from Uppsala, I won’t go into too much detail here. This year, I spent Valborg in Stockholm – I was invited to a traditional BBQ at a friend’s family home and we had a great time meeting new people and playing some fun games!

Other than Valborg, May and June are full of what are called “Red Days” here. This is similar to the idea of Stat holidays and Bank holidays for my fellow North Americans! I have to say, the month of May is pretty luxurious!

To begin, last week (with Valborg) April 30th was a half day, and May 1st was a full day off from work and/or school! Then next week, May 13th is a half day, and May 14th and 15th are both free from school and/or work! This is due to the Ascension day tradition. Soon enough, it will be June and time to celebrate Midsummer! The Swedes certainly know how to enjoy spring! However, after a particularly dark winter, this is a great way to get out into the sunshine and start remembering why Sweden, and specifically Stockholm is such a magical place!

To celebrate spring, I will be going to Gröna Lund with some friends on Friday, which I will be sure to tell you all about as well! It will be my first time there, and we are going for a competition called 5-KAMPSHÄFTET then a concert by Zara Larsson! I am looking forward to getting out into the (hopefully) nice weather!

Until next time!


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