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Spring Has Arrived.

Well hello there!

All of you lovely readers (myself included) might be delighted to know that Spring has finally arrived here in the beautiful capital of Sweden: Stockholm City. I say this with the biggest grin on my face because I of all people, would know how it feels when the weather decided to play trickery with your mind by making you think Spring has arrived…5 times before.

So, yes, it is amazing weather out now (and you know how much the Swedes love to talk about weather…but now look at me!)- the sun is shining and albeit it can still be quite chilly without a light jacket, it sure doesn’t feel like Winter is lingering around anymore this year. Thank goodness!

In the neighboorhood I live here in the city, it’s called Vasastan by the way (just a stones throw from Odenplan, a very busy area to get together for us SBS students), it’s starting to get really pretty everywhere you go. Flowers are booming, tiny colorful assorted ones mind you, dogs are playing, and the moods and attitudes of everyone around you are slowly changing from dull and rushed to get home to a more lively, happy sort.

With this said, what’s a girl to do with all this beautiful weather anyways? Tune in next week for my personal list of things to get you hopping around the city in Spring!

But first, a picture of the gorgeous cherry blossom tree that I get to call my living room view 



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