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Last month together

April had a very nice ending when we had to present our assignment to a jury of professionals at EY and wrote our final exam for the Internal Auditing course. Besides, the month ended symbolically with the festivities of Valborg, where Meri wrote about earlier. Then it was May: the start of a new month and the start of the last required course of this program. Public Sector Accounting and Auditing will be the last course where I will be in together with the classmates I started the program with. This course is designed around the shift within the public sector, also called New Public Management, where public institutions have become very privatized. Very interesting right?! One of the main reasons for having this course is the demand from the practitioners side: as the program has been designed together with audit firms, they thought that knowledge in accounting in the public sector is of importance.

This course has been designed in a way that there are two tracks you can choose: international track and Swedish track. If you would think that the Swedish track focuses only on the public sector in Sweden and will be taught in English, because the language of instruction of this whole program is supposed to be English, then you are totally wrong. Because of that, there is a separation between international students and Swedish students, and as the international students are a minority the time of seminar groups cannot be chosen, there is simply only one time slot. I am very looking forward to start working on this course, because of the content and hopefully it will be better than all the administrative stuff around it.

Let’s make these last weeks happen! 🙂


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