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In a Swedish Football Match

Hello everyone!

Last Monday I did something I had not done here in Stockholm so far: I went to a football match! Football is maybe not the sport Sweden is most known for but football actually is really popular here. Stockholm is home for three teams playing in Allsvenskan, Sweden’s top tier league. Hammarby IF and Djurgårdens IF share a home pitch, Tele2 Arena, in southern Stockholm and AIK plays on Friends Arena located in Solna.

I really like watching sports, especially live, so when my friends started talking about going to a game here in Stockholm I got instantly excited. We heard that in terms of atmosphere the best games to go are the ones where two of the local teams go against each other. That’s why we chose last Monday’s match where AIK took on Hammarby and we certainly weren’t disappointed with the atmosphere. The huge arena was packed with people, almost 42 000 in total, and from what we saw Swedish football fans are very dedicated to their teams and take the game very seriously. People had flares, huge signs and banners to show support for their team. In addition they kept singing throughout the game (and already on their way to the arena) and showed no sign of tiredness even when their team was losing.

The ticket prices started from around 150SEK and I think it’s really worth the money to go to a game at least once. The atmosphere was so great that I think it’s a nice experience even if you’re not a big football fan.


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