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Spring + Stockholm

Välkommen välkommen! (that’s welcome in Swedish, but you already knew that)

As hinted last week, this post will focus on what I think YOU should be doing here in Stockholm during the beautiful season of Spring! Lets jump to it, shall we?

  1. Head to you nearest café for some serious fika outdoors. If you’re anything like me, you’ve missed being able to sit out in the open with fresh air and sun beaming on your face, seeing that sunlight glimmer off the top of your non-fat mocha…mmmh that’s the life.
  2. Visit Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s very own theme park! Although the park holds a few events during Winter, it really falls short in comparison to a Spring or Summer visit. On top of that, visiting the park in Spring cuts the gooey-sweatyness out of your trip there also. What’s better than a day of rollercoaster rides, cotton candy eating, and did I mention, sun?
  3. Taking a boat tour. Why? Well because Stockholm is literally a city of little islands and the best way to experience this is to take a ride out for yourself in order for the amazing views to soon take your breath away. Trust me, you won’t regret this one. Splurge a little for a tour (deals can be found though online, just saying) and make a calm, scenic afternoon out of it.
  4. Cycle around the city! Let me explain this one. If you’re a foreigner living in Sweden like me, you’ve seen quite the number of Swedes pedaling their bikes to and from school, work, wherever throughout the brutal Winter season and wondered: what the heck are they doing? Are they out of their minds? Well, the answer is maybe. But not so much in Spring, now it’s about the time I can even fathom the thought of getting around the city by bike. The city has no shortage of bikes available for rental (I’ve even been seeing these neat little stations where you can apparently rent one with your Metro/Access card), so go out and go for a quaint ride around town!
  5. Take in the sun. I don’t care if you decide to read a book in the park, lay in the grass with a live of pie from the aforementioned nearest café, or take a dip in the water: ENJOY this beautiful thing call sun. It is the Holy Grail of Swedish life after all.

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