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Time for Some Goodbyes

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Hello hello!

I’m super excited about the fact that summer is getting closer and closer (even though in today’s rain and wind summer still felt really far away). As I’ve mentioned before, I just love the Nordic summer. I can’t think of anything prettier than the sea glittering in the sun and there’s just something magical about the warm and light summer nights, not to mention Midsummer celebrations, music festivals and trips to summer houses that are definitely something to look forward to. But there’s also something bitter-sweet about the approaching summer as summer means end of semester and end of semester means goodbyes.

I’m doing my whole degree in Sweden but having participated in many activities for international students and worked as a senior buddy, I’ve gotten to know quite many exchange students this year. Now that the semester is coming to an end everyone’s gradually leaving Stockholm and it’s slowly time to say goodbye to all of them. First ones have already left and I’ve actually been to two farewell parties over the past few weeks and just got another invitation today. It is sad to see people go and to think that this might be the last time I see some of them but on the other hand, it is pretty cool to know people in so many countries. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up meeting some of them again in my travels.

As I’m going home to Finland for the summer and leaving to Singapore for my exchange in the fall, I also have to so goodbye to all my friends who are staying in Stockholm (plus my course buddies that will be spread out around the world during the next semester). It is just for six months but still. That’s why I feel over the next few weeks it’s especially important to take some time to spend with friends!

Everyone leaving Stockholm after this semester, enjoy the time you have left!

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One thought on “Time for Some Goodbyes

  1. Hei Meri, olen lukenut nyt tämän kevään aikana tätä blogia ja sun kirjoituksia täällä suurella mielenkiinnolla, sillä olen itsekin syksyllä aloittamassa opiskelut SU:n Business Administration and Political Science – ohjelmassa 🙂 Mieletöntä, että lähet Singaporeen vaihtoon, oon nimittäin myös kiinnostunut siitä vaihtokohteena nyt näin alkuun (kiinnostaisi myös suorittaa MBA siellä, mutta kaikki ajallaan :D). Joka tapauksessa, tuskailen tällä hetkellä Tukholman asuntotilanteen kanssa ja tiedustelisin, että etsitkö mahdollisesti luotettavaa vuokralaista asuntoon/huoneeseen vaihtosi ajaksi? Jos etsit ja kiinnostuit, niin sähköpostiosoitteeni on claudia.jarvela[at] 🙂