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Learning Swedish: Part 1

Hej allihopa!

Lets touch upon a very important subject here: learning Swedish while you’re studying here in Sweden. 

You may be excited, dreading, or have even been teaching yourself some Swedish for those of you yet to arrive in Stockholm, but either way, it’s going to be a crucial part of your life here as an international student. Goodness knows it is for me.

Here at Stockholm University you have the opportunity to study Sweden, alongside earning credits upon passing of the course, free of charge if you are an exchange student, international student, or even as a researcher.

I myself have completely taken advantage of this amazing opportunity to take grasp of my Swedish and have since passed Swedish for International Students and Researchers Course level 1, 2, and recently took my examination for 3 (fingers crossed I passed, but I am confident!). These courses have each been a godsend for me in all honesty, as they are group and classroom focused, meaning their is a lot of room for practice amongst peers and teacher within the class themselves. For me, this has been critical since learning and practicing outside of the classroom has been pretty tough, rare even. Why? Well, because the average Swede would rather speak with you in English than communicate with my broken Swedish- and I don’t fully blame them, though it does make the process of learning the language quite difficult if I am not able to get much practice with all the Swedes around me.

As discouraging as the situation may be, I still try to communicate as often as I can in Swedish in my everyday life, and I suggest you all do too when you arrive here (or are already here). It’s a great way to learn some new words investigating the supermarket aisles, reading small chunks of Metro newspaper while on the metro, listening to a few news broadcasts every once in a while, and even eavesdropping during your morning commutes to school on public transport (shh…).

So let me ask you, where are you all in your Swedish language journey? 

Join me next week for more detailed information regarding mine 🙂

Yours truly,



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