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Political Science I (Second Half)

Hi all!

As the end of the semester is slowly approaching, I thought it’s a good time to talk a bit about the courses I took the second half of the semester. I’m studying political science this spring as a part of my Business Administration and Political Science program and I’ve already told about the first two courses here a few months ago.

The third course of the semester was Comparative politics. Comparative politics is a field of political science that studies domestic politics and compares different systems with each other. First half of the course we talked about different parts of political systems in general, including electoral systems, political parties and interest groups, how power is separated etc. During the second half we went through 12 different political systems: United Kingdom, France, German, the US, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, China, Iran, the EU and the United Nations. It was quite a lot to take in but really interesting! There were three seminars and everyone had to be a part of a group to prepare a presentation for one of them in order to pass the course.

The course I’m taking at the moment is International politics. As the name suggests, the course deals to a large extent with relations between countries. Global political economy, global development and global governance are also topics that are touched upon. The structure of the course is pretty similar to that of Comparative politics; there are three seminars for one of which you have to prepare a group presentation and a written examination in the end of the course.

I have to say that these two courses were definitely my favorite ones this year. Personally I found the topics really interesting but in addition I think the teachers have been some of the best we’ve had so far. They’ve been very inspirational and it’s always fun to go to lectures. I’ve been very happy with these courses and would definitely recommend them to others as well! All in all this semester has made me even more interested in the subject and I’m definitely looking forward to continuing my studies in the field in the future!

Enjoy the rest your week!



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