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Student Troubles: Checking your eyesight in Sweden

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather this morning.

This week, I will talk about getting your eyes checked in Stockholm since, as a student, I spend so much time reading from and working at a computer screen. After almost a full year of studying, my eyes are feeling a little tired and my old glasses aren’t cutting it in lectures to read the material.

I asked a few of the Swedish students how I could get my eyes checked here and several recommended visiting a store called Synsam. While this site is in Swedish, the store representatives and eye doctors are more than happy to help you in English.

I popped into the store without an appointment and had to wait about 10 minuted before the eye doctor could see me. I spent this time looking at glasses and trying just about every pair on! The salesperson told me that after my appointment, if I buy lenses with Synsam, I can get some pretty good discounts on frames. They range from a flat percentage discount off the frames to buying one pair at full price and receiving 50% off of the second set of glasses.

Then it was time for my exam and the eye doctor performed the usual tests – reading letters with both eyes, then alternating eyes, testing different lenses, then puffing some air into my eye – to test the reflex I guess and all the other usual things. The one thing that surprised me is that they did not do the (standard) eye drops that I would have had in Toronto. The eye doctor told me that if there had been any “problems” he would have referred me to an Optometrist here and they would have done that.

I received my new prescription details and can go back at anytime to take advantage of their price specials. Students receive a 10% discount as well here at Synsam!

They took some personal information to register me in the system and walked me through the online account process where I had to enter my Personal number, phone number, email and address. This gives me the change to book appointments at stores that offer this service as well.

After my appointment, the doctor and sales person talked to me about my different options – glasses and contact lenses. All in all, it was a good experience and they were super helpful!

So if you need an eye exam, just pop into any Synsam location and they will help find what you need.


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