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Learning Swedish: Part 2

Welcome back readers!

First things first: last week I mentioned the Swedish courses that are available to international students, exchange students, as well as researchers conducted here at Stockholm University. Below is the link for general information regarding the courses with the first three levels that I had mentioned I have since gone through and passed myself:

Part of the reason why I included the links for course levels 1, 2, and 3 is because if you will be starting your studies here at SBS in the fall/autumn semester, you will be able to get through these first three levels (of five, plus an oral-focused course) in your first years of studies like I did.

When I start my second year here at SBS this upcoming Autumn/September, I will be enrolling in the next level that corresponds to my progress which is level 4. It’s important to note that if you are a complete beginner in Swedish as I was when I began my studies, you will most definitely want to start with the very first level. However, if you have learned enough Swedish to the point where you deem yourself at an intermediate level or above, you may test your way up into a higher beginning level.

  • Here is the email for the Department of Swedish and Multilingualism (where you may send your questions regarding any of these courses or for general guidance as to where and how you can begin you Swedish studies):

The process of learning a new language can be tricky, but it is that much easier when the university you are at has pretty much laid out a plan and process that you can just hop on and work your way through towards mastery. But mastering the language of the Vikings is no simple deal, it can be really frustrating at times! Luckily, Swedes speak amazing English so you have a lot of time to work on your Swedish while still being able to communicate day to day, but don’t let this be your excuse to slow down your learning and get negligent about your Swedish skills. Trust me when I say I should be following this last piece of advice for myself..

Good luck and lycka till towards your Swedish language journey! 

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