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Life as a student at Stockholm Business School

It is already the first week of June, which means that the last week of the first year commences. With only one project for the Public Accounting and Auditing course left that counts for 50 % of the grade, we still have a lot of things going on. Still as a student it is time to make plans for the summer if you have not done it yet. Especially when you are in the last phase of your studies it is advisable to think more about your future plans when you want to enter the job market. What to do during these summers?

Summer internship
During Summer you usually do not have any courses or classes, which makes it easier to be full-time available for having a job or a summer internship. Future employers value students that have working experience in the field they want to work in. If you have the urge to go abroad, why don’t you just combine and do a summer internship abroad?

Summer school
Don’t you like summers because these are the only periods when you don’t consume any additional knowledge from university? Try out one of the Summer universities, where you can follow courses in business (maybe in whatever field you want). Besides additional knowledge it is also a place where you are to expand your international network, because you will meet so many other business student from all over the globe.

Enjoy your last Summer as a student
Some students value the last summer as student precious and take this summer to go abroad for three months and travel in for example Asia or South America. These trips are recommendable to be planned more in advance, because of the ticket prices. Another thing could be that you learn a new language in the country itself, here you can combine the student life with something useful. It is highly recommendable!

Hence, plenty of options to spend your summer with, now it is you decide on what you want!


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