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Sweden is heading summer!

Hej allihopa!

On Saturday it was the 5th of June, the day that King Gustav Vasa got elected in 1523, which is seen as the foundation of the Sweden and hence, the public national holiday. If you ask a Swede how they celebrate the national holiday, the answer does not come much further than that it is not a very special day as it has not been a public holiday since recently. In fact, Sweden has not been in war for many years and it is also not a “liberation” as such to celebrate. Still, this day is considered as a special day, and many things are happening in the city center of Stockholm. I don’t know if it is due to the national holiday or the start of Summer, but it is just a lot of fun.

Every Saturday, one can experience the change of guards at the Royal Palace, but on the 5th of June, the biggest and the most special one is happening. We even got to see prince Carl-Philip who took part in it! As you may know the Prince is getting married in less than a week, so it was the last time all his supporters could see him before him getting married.

Besides, the royal family being present during the day, one could experience lots of culture on the other side of the city center. A Taste of Stockholm (Smaka på Stockholm in Swedish) is a nice festival with around 30 different restaurant and food trucks in Kungsträdgården. Enjoying some food with good music in a nice atmosphere, great! If you cannot get enough from food, there is another festival happening until the 20th of June at Sergels Torg: the international food festival. If you are a bit homesick to your own local food, or if you just want to try out new things, go there!

Hence, many things are going on in Stockholm, with Summerburst: one of the biggest dance festivals in Sweden and the marriage of prince Carl-Philip and Sofia on the planning, the summer finally started! Let’s hope the weather comes around as well..


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