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The preparation

Hej allihopa!

Summer!!! That’s a cool feeling, isn’t it? Are you one of those that has already heard whether you have been admitted to Stockholm Business School as of September 2015 or are you one of those that are still awaiting the results? Both are of course very excited and hence, the following blog posts will concern all different groups and how you should prepare yourself for for a successful start of your new adventure. Today, I will be writing for the international students that already know that they are accepted to Stockholm Business School to study as of upcoming fall. Meaning that this post will be relevant for the second round of applicants later in July as well.


If you are admitted to a three-year’s bachelor’s degree or a two-year’s master’s degree, it wise to check the policy concerning emigration in your home country. Some countries do not allow you to stay registered if you are leaving the country for a certain amount of time and before doing that it is also important to realize the implications if you are really emigrating your country, because it might have implications for you social security, health insurance and pension to name a few. It might be that there are different regulations if you are a student, hence it is also important to check that out as well.

Health insurance
Some countries might have the individual mandate on health insurance, meaning that every citizen in that country is required to pay health insurance. For those it is important to check out whether you are still covered if you are a student in Sweden. It might have implications for your health insurance, if you decided to de-register, as described before. Hence, check whether you are covered with your existing health insurance plan, how you are covered and when you are covered when coming to Sweden. Furthermore, you could check what insurance is needed when your existing health insurance plan is not enough.

The accommodation
Did you already find an apartment or a room to stay at in Stockholm? That’s great for you! Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as you, and tips for finding accommodation will be provided in a separate blog.

The flight
If you are one of these persons that likes to book the flight already in advance, then please do not plan to come at the first day when the classes start. Before the university officially starts, there is usually a welcoming week where international students are invited to get to know many new people from their studies and the rest of the business school and even Stockholm University. If you are to stay here for a significant amount of time it is advisable to attend these activities as the base for your new friendships will be made. I met my three best friends during this week and we are still in touch on a daily basis!

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