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ADMITTED! What’s next?

Are you one of those that have heard last week that they got admitted to a Bachelor or Master degree at Stockholm Business School? Congratulation! An awesome adventure is waiting for you here in the capital of Scandinavia. What’s next?! You can celebrate and party that you have been admitted, but then it is time to prepare yourself for coming to Stockholm, because you shouldn’t forget that you have nearly 1.5 month to prepare. Last time I wrote about some issues that you should take into account when emigrating, so check out my previous blog post! Then now, the most important thing is: HOUSING!!! Be realistic now: thousands of students from abroad will come to Stockholm: full degree students and exchange students. The universities sometimes cannot handle the demand and hence, a room cannot be promised to everyone. Hence, you have some more competition here. It is best to already have a room before coming here, so you should spend a lot of time and effort in this to make sure you do not have the drama when coming here with all the suitcases while staying in a hostel or hotel.

Some tips:

  • Be realistic in your budget (don’t expect a room for 4000 SEK in the city center)
  • Be patient and keep on trying
  • Watch out for scams on the internet, do not expect to find a room below 4000 SEK in the city center, do NOT pay anything before signing a contract, make sure you have had Skype contact and a written contract.
  • When you know that you got in SBS, sign up at SSSB (the student housing agency that uses this queuing system) but maximum 2,5 months before school starts (as you need to prove that you’re a registered student and this may take a while)
  • Make an ad on, because landlords would like to choose themselves, so most of the housing advertisements are not published as the landlords go through the different profiles
  • se is a very valuable website with good housing offers so I would suggest to use this website too, as I did it too. The only thing is that access to the personal details of the landlords costs 695 SEK for 45 days.

Even though it would be best to have a room before coming to Stockholm, probably you will not find it as the landlords want to meet you in person to make sure that they can trust you.

You can look at this website from Stockholm Business School that provides you with more valuable websites of housing agencies and how to search.


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