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In Stockholm? Make friends!

Hej everyone,

The Summer has already come to an end and weather-wise it already feels like the winter arrived here in Stockholm. On Monday the fall semester started officially, and I hope everyone had a safe travel to Stockholm and found a nice place to live for the upcoming semester. Especially for international students, it is quite a change going to another country, another culture and another city. Most of you might not even come with friends to Stockholm and come here without knowing anyone.

As I write “Most of you” one should not be afraid of making new friends as everyone is kind of in the same position and would like to build a new social network. Moreover, the social networks such as student unions, our business school’s Föreningen Ekonomerna, and Erasmus Student Network provide you with space to meet all kind of people from different studies and backgrounds. Which is cool! It is hence recommendable to join all of the events that pop up, especially during the start of the semester, to enlarge your network. 

Some events where you can meet very interesting people that you will have more frequent interaction with:

  • Buddy program at the Student Union (SUS)
  • International Ambassador program at the Student Union (SUS)
  • Buddy program at the Foreningen Ekonomerna (at SBS)
  • Language cafe (weekly in your own language) at Språkstudion (Stockholms Universitet)

It is always nice to have a bigger network, for personal purposes but also for business purposes! Think about the more job opportunities you might have access to when you have a bigger social network. I guess you will not have time anymore to think about your friends at home: you have to go out networksocialize and study ;)!

Until next time!


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