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Hej allihopa!

First off, big welcome to all of our new readers (and welcome back to those readers who have already started studying at Stockholm Business School) to the 2015 Autumn semester! Isn’t this time of year exciting? Thoughts of the upcoming school year, all the new people you’ve yet to meet…and not to mention all the high expectations you have after hearing so much about the Swedish fika?

Well, recommendations regarding cafés and fika hotspots shall be saved for a later post, but there is something quite important that I wanted to touch upon today. Seeing as the start of the school year has just begun for many, it only seems fitting that I bring this up now. What is it you may ask? Support systems.

Some of you may be thinking, like computer support systems? No, real support systems – as in people, family, friends.

Why is this important? Well, let me tell you why. Once you start college- especially when you move away from your family and friends back home and try to settle into a new country, culture, etc.- it can be pretty darn scary. Once the excitement for new foods and friends settle down, you’re bound to get slapped in the face with some harsh reality as far as feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and even alienation (on your worse days).

This is where your support systems will come in real real handy, essential to you’re livelihood in this new country even. So, what am I asking of you?  To make sure you have whoever and whatever it may be on hand at times like these. Whether it’s a phone call to your mom or dad back home, a Skype session with your childhood bestie, or sitting down to have a thoughtful chat with your new roommate. Don’t be shy, it’s only your happiness and wellbeing at stake here (I say this sarcastically).

Getting through college, starting new adventures, and making new life experiences is great and all, but what kind of memories will you be making when you’re not taking careful of yourself? Am I right or am I right?

Your ultra-wise part-time life advisor,



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