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Read, Reflect and Plan


I hope everyone already settled down, found a place to live, found friends to hang out with and had a good start at SBS with interesting lectures. Even though it is important to build up your social life in a new city, in a new country or at a new university, it is more important to do the things you are supposed to do related to the reason why you came here, which is for most of you: studying. I will provide in this blog some tips that help you to get the most out of your courses. Many people just do the things that they have to do in a reactive way, now it is time to be more proactive!

Read the course outline
If you are aiming to get the most out of the course and out of yourself it is important to read the course outline. Find out what the real content is of each lecture or seminar and find out what is expected from you as a student.

As you now know what the course is about and what is expected from you it is important to think for a few moments about your existing knowledge around the topic and then what you expect from the course, while having the course outline in mind. If you expect some more than is written in the course outline it is important that you gather some more knowledge YOURSELF beyond the given materials. In my opinion you will get more out of your study experience by reflecting on these things, it will boost your motivation, your interest in the subject and in the end your study performance (and grade!).

Plan plan plan…
Collect all the materials that are required for the course: print out all the articles and buy the books. Then print out the timetable and if available, a list of the readings that will be covered in each seminar or lecture. This is then very helpful, as you will now be able to make a planning before each lecture or seminar. Instead of reading the material just before the lecture, just have a daily goal of reading a few articles.

I hope this will help you in order to get the most out of your courses: Read, Reflect and Plan! It is weekend now, so it is a good time to do these planning things.

Until next time 🙂


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