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Adventure Tallinn!


My name is Alex BARNIER and I am really excited to be blogging for SBS this year. I am a new blogger so feel free to check out my biography:

This weekend I was in Tallin with 16 other international students. What is great about being in a Business school such as SBS is that you meet people from all over the world. Furthermore, the localization of Stockholm makes it very easy to discover any countries by plane, train or boat..DSC_0200DSC_0205

We booked our boat tickets the past week for only 30euros/each. The price includes two nights on a boat and you stay in Tallin for about 8h.

On the boat you have some duty free shops (very cheap!!), a few bars/nightclubs, restaurants… well a lot of entertainment for students!


We left at 5pm on Friday and arrived in Tallin the next day at 9am. We stayed in the city until 6pm and then we were back in Stockholm on Sunday at 10am.


Tallin is such a beautiful city! It is located in Estonia. Here’s a quick map if you are not sure about where it is located.

Tallin map

We hanged out in town, had fika downtown and went shopping. Tallin is known to be very cheap and so as students we enjoyed some good discounts on a lot of products.


This week I only have one class and two seminars. It is a pretty light week exceptionally so I decided to take this opportunity to go abroad again.

I will be spending two days in Poland at a friend’s house and then two days in Berlin, Germany.

It’s funny to come back every Monday in class and hear people say “ Oh yes I spent my weekend in Moscow… “ or “I went to see my parents in Finland”. SBS is very international and this is definitely one of the reasons that helped me to decide which Business schools I should join.



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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