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Early Autumn Activities.

Hej igen!

Hopefully, by now (I’m talking to all you new students out there) you’ve settled into your new accommodations and class schedules for the autumn semester ahead. On another note, the first month of university here in Sweden is often less jam-packed as far as classes go, so you just might have a few free days to explore the city and beyond (the beyond will be the focus of our post here). If weekdays won’t allow for some exploring, take a weekend off for a little adventure!

Inspired by some of the events being offered that I’ve seen here and there, here are my current top two suggestions for some fun early autumn activities:

  1. Paddling at Brunnsviken– located just a couple of minutes’ walk from the university and right by the Royal National City Park. If you’re only going to do one activity on this list, I’d go with this one. Why? Because soon the weather won’t be so accommodating! Tip! Head over to Brunnsviken Trädgårdscaféet for a cozy lunch (they also have delicious ice cream just FYI) or Kafé Sjöstugan for simpler bite to eat (think soup and salad) or a cup of coffee and a bun.
  2. Visiting Dalarna (and Lake Siljan)– okay, so this one is a bigger trip out than paddling at a nearby lake. However, if I may say, it would definitely be worth it if you have a little cash and time to make the trip. Think classic Swedish red houses, folk music, midsummer poles, and oh, those über cute little red painted horses you see at just about all Swedish souvenir and knick-knack shops. Know the ones I’m talking about? Scanbalt offers a great little tour package with two-night cabin and hostel accommodation for 155 Euros. Click here for the link to Scanbalt’s website.

So? What do you say? Ready for a little adventure? I sure do hope so because the weather is not getting warmer and you’re going to want to take advantage of any nice weather allowing for outdoor activities, trust me.

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