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You are studying 40 hours a week, working on many interesting and academically challenging case studies, but what is next? For the students that want something more than just the average there are many possibilities. That’s why today’s blog about the student organizations/unions and its benefits.

One benefit is that you will expand your network significantly by engaging in activities with a certain association, you will gain new friends from all across the study, university or city.

Joining a student association is not only to get in contact with more people that are interested in the same things, but more importantly about developing yourself on both a professional level and a personal level. When joining these associations you will get the opportunity to manage your own projects, to organize special events, to get in contact with companies, to lead a group of people, just to name a few. Even though these associations might be small, you will get experience in these things, which are valuable for your future career as recruiters may be interested in the skills you developed through these activities.

Another benefit when joining one of the student organizations or student unions such as Föreningen Ekonomerna and Stockholm University Student Union is that they will provide you with a student card (Mecenat or Studentkortet) and you will get many discounts with this card on Public transport (220 SEK discount p/month), on museum visits, on cafes, which bring down your fika expenses significantly. (This should not be your main reason to join a student organization though ;))

A short overview of organizations to join:

  • AIESEC in Stockholm
  • Erasmus Student Network SU
  • Föreningen Ekonomerna
  • Stockholm University Student Union (SUS)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to look on the website of the specific student organization or ask me!

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