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“Survive Stockholm” – My #10 best TIPS!


This week I have decided to give you my 10 best tips to live, commute and have fun in Stockholm!

Tomorrow we will be September 22nd which means I have already spent my first month in Sweden. Time goes so fast, it’s crazy 🙂

#1: How to go from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Downtown Stockholm?

You have a few ways to go to downtown Stockholm. The first time I got there I decided to use a simple way: getting a cab. However, It turned out to be quite expensive: 50euros.

This weekend I went to Berlin and I tried for the very first time the Arlanda Express. It turned out to be the best decision ever. It was quite cheap compared to the cab (about 30euros back and forth). It takes you directly from the terminal to T-centralen. Their marketing slogan is “We take you to Stockholm in 20min“. I used my phone to check this statement. I made T-centralen > ARN Terminal 5 in 18 min. wooh wooh 🙂

The train is really nice, new, wifi, the news etc…. Anyway I highly advice to take it. It may be a bit more expensive than a bus but, at least you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

#2: “Life is SO Expensive in Sweden” = Myth !

So many of my friends told me life would be expensive. I was expecting to be broke upon the first day of school. I would like to tell you that it is not so much more expensive than living in any other countries/capital.

I go to LIDL to do my grocery shopping and I actually spend less than I used to in the USA. I buy a lot of fresh products and I spend 30/35euros for grocery every week. LIDL has a reputation to be a low-cost store. However, you can find them everywhere in Stockholm, the food is good, cheap and you have a good variety of products.

Monthly budget for food: 120/150euros

However, alcohol is definitely more expensive in Sweden.

My advice is to not drink any alcohol because it is better for your health 🙂 ha ha. Otherwise, you can buy some wine or beers at “Systembolaget” and drink before going to a club. Alcohol in a club is definitely really expensive.

Finally, if you are a EU citizen, SBS is free for you. In this case you will already save a lot of money compared to US students who spend so much money on tuition in the USA.

#3: The subway network is EASY!

I thought I was going to get lost every day in the subway. It turns out that the subway is really easy to understand. You have pretty much only 3 lines. You have three lines: blue, green and red.

Each color line has then 2 to 3 different paths. The path is the same downtown Stockholm for each line. The path only change outside of the city.

It will be really easy for you to understand the principle.

Furthermore, you have a 24h subway on the weekend. I feel like each station is really clean. Finally, subway comes every 3/4 min during daytime.

#4: Stockholm Business School is not on the main campus.

SBS is located on a different part of Stockholm University campus. We have our own campus. Yes! we like to hang out only between future CEO haha 🙂 Just kidding !

I was scared to get there at first because there is no subway station to go to the SBS campus.

S.U. campus = Frescati

SBS campus = Kräftriket

Don’t be afraid! You can always take the subway and get out at the “Universitet Station” and then walk. It turns out that you can go from one campus to the other in 10min max by walking. (15min from the subway station).

Otherwise, plenty of bus deserve SBS campus.

#5: How can I make some new friends ?!

If you come from a country like the USA or Latin America you will feel at first that Swedes/Finnish are quite cold. They are just very shy!! Furthermore, our lecture are in a hall which means we are about 250 students so this is not so easy to meet some new people.

However, I strongly advice to join the buddy program of SBS Student Association (Föreningen Ekonomerna)

They organize plenty of events where you are divided in small groups and you get to meet people form your class.

Finally, seminars are a good way to get to know your classmates and become friends.

#6: Use your student card

You will find really useful to have a student ID. You want a coffee? Your students ID will give you a discount. You want to go on a weekend get away? Your student ID will give you one more time some discount.

There are so many possible way to use your student ID that I can’t tell all of them in here.

#7: Don’t buy new books!

You could be easily scared by checking the price of new books required for your classes. However, you have three options to get them really cheap:

A) Buy some used one online

B) There is a Facebook group for students at SBS to exchange/sell books

C) There is a second hand shop on the Frescati campus.

#8: How am I going to survive winter?

You have two options:

A) Consider some warm places to spend winter: Ibiza? Latin America?

Wait…. you can’t because you have class 😉

B) Bring a warm jacket! Stockholm is not located in the northern part of Scandinavia so it won’t be as cold as Lapland.

You will be so happy to see a winter wonderland on your way to class during winter that you will forget the weather.

#9: How can I get good grades?

I highly suggest to read and re-read the required book for every class. It covers every lectures with some insights, details and great examples. Lectures tend to be fast paced and can’t cover every aspect of a chapter. Make sure to read the chapter entirely if you want to get a 100% on your test.

#10: Go out and Enjoy Stockholm

my last tips is to go out, explore, try and go on an adventure 🙂

It is the best way to feel like home one more time and not feel homesick. Stockholm has plenty of option to offer. You can go on an adventure to explore some unknown archipelago, eat ice-cream, have Fika, travel Scandinavia, experience a Swedish sittning, go to IKEA…

I must agree that in September I have spent more time outside in Stockholm than studying. Stockholm is a vibrant city with so much to offer. A lot of people last year in the USA told me that I would not like it and will be depressed with winter coming. I am glad to say that those stereotypes are so false. I am just having so much fun. I wish days were longer than 48h!

See you all next week



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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