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The Swedish Kräftskiva.

What on earth is a Kräftskiva you may be asking? The short answer would be: a traditional festivity held in late August-early September filled with heaping piles of boiled crayfish, schnapps, cheese and mushroom pies, Swedish drinking songs, and plenty of crayfish-craving friends to share it with.

But then again, some of you might be wanting the the long answer to this wonderfully peculiar topic. The Swedish Kräftskiva is long-held Swedish tradition usually involving and including the following:

  1. Lots of crayfish and dill (your crayfish will most likely be store-bought and imported from China or Turkey, or if you are really really special and/or lucky to be able to catch it yourself, then Swedes allover the country (myself included) will be weaping in jealousy and envy)
  2. Västerbotten pie- a delicious cheese and mushroom pie that is commonly served with the meal
  3. Aquavit and/or any other schnapps. Beer is acceptable too.
  4. Hard or soft bread with a big ol’ block of cheese for everyones slicing pleasure.
  5. A “Man in the Moon” paper lantern and party hats. Yes, this is necessary.
  6. A rowdy bunch of friends and/or Swedes ready to have a jolly good time.

NOTE: the above list is your secret weapon to a successful Kräftskiva- your DIY Crayfish Party checkoff kit if you will. You’re very welcome!

Below is a picture of the delicious pot of crayfish I was so lucky to have recently indulged in. Looks good right? Well go out and have some of your own!

Crayfish and tradition lover,



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