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Stockholm: the vegan walhalla!

Hej again!

Many of you would wonder what Stockholm actually has to offer to vegetarians or even more important for vegans (like me): well A LOT!! I think this is one of the most developed cities where it comes to alternative food or life style. Imagine being at the university where you could get ordinary dairy milk, lactose free milk or soy milk to your ordinary coffee: one of the standards here in Stockholm! From experience, I experienced that having another lifestyle is not very uncommon here in Sweden and many are not surprised when you (have to) eat gluten free, no meat, lactose free: there is usually a section for each in the supermarket which is really good. If you are vegan and you are (still) into eating meat substitutes, or processed food, then you should be aware of the signs ovo-vegetariskt and veganskt or vego. The latter means that it is especially for vegans, hence without dairy nor meat products, while ovo-vegetariskt could contain egg or milk protein for example. There is so much choice and hence, you could as a vegan even have a normal lifestyle by exchanging the meat for the vegan substitutes, yoghurt for the soy yoghurts etc. Please be aware that this is processed food and not the most healthy choice! 🙂

What about eating out? I was actually quite scared in the beginning to go out for dinners and lunches with friends, because usually I should be aware that there is nothing that I can eat. Sometimes this is the case and what do you do? Ask the waiter for any vegan alternatives on the menu! It happened to me three times, where both the waiter and the chef improvised and made a really nice meal for me! People are nice and want you to feel at home in restaurants so it is quite good arranged. Some restaurants even offer vegan options, last week I had vegan quesadillas at a Mexican place, it was so good! 😀

What about fika?? Well you can obviously not eat the Kanelbullar etc, but then I found out that Starbucks offers these granola bars that don’t contain any dairy, yum yum 🙂

Hence, Stockholm has a lot to offer to the vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or lactose free lifestyle/diet, I LOVE IT 🙂

Talk to you later!


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