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One crazy week at SBS!

For my weekly article I have decided to tell you how last week went. It’s been one of my busiest weeks so far and it was really fun.


5AM… The radio says “Good morning Berlin, we start a new week with…” well I guess it’s time for me to shower and head off to the Airport.

I have spent the weekend in Berlin with a few international friends.

I landed in Stockholm at 10AM. I had a class at 1pm so I rushed home to get my stuff.


We didn’t have class so we decided to work on our group project. Group project? Yes! If you take Principles of Marketing you will have to create a complete marketing strategy for a political party of your choice. We decided to work on the Scottish National Party. First of all because it was not a Swedish party and secondly because it was not too left or too right on the political spectrum.

We spent the whole afternoon in a big room, putting ideas on a white board and finding meaningful thesis. We finished our complete plan and decided to split up tasks between each of us.


On Wednesday during our regular Marketing class we had a guest lecturer from Cisco Company. Cisco is a leader international IT firm. He gave us his perspective on B2B marketing in link with our current chapter. It was really interesting to know what are the latest trends from a professional of the marketing field. At the end we could all ask our questions. A few of us talk to the guest lecturer at the end. Cisco is really a leading and competitive firm to work for so it was great to be able to exchange with someone who works there. It shows us that SBS is highly appreciated in the business world.


It is our last day to work on our assigned project and we need to submit by midnight our complete political strategy. We all met at 10AM at SBS to work the whole day on our project. We were all very excited to finish it but tired. It’s been a long week with not too much sleep and a lot of coffee! We worked in “Smedjan”.

It’s a room located in building 8 that students can use. There is a main room that has a set up of open space and you can eat and warm up your meals. There are also plenty of smaller room for you to take advantage of. It’s great to have so many space to work on projects with your team.


We all took a break and went to “Arbetsdagen” which is an early career fair. It was really impressive to see so many famous companies lined up to recruit us. We are a target school for the “big4” which is really something to be proud of. (Big4 are the biggest companies in audit and accounting). They were giving away free gifts and there were some workshop as well as snacks etc…

Finally, we finished day at the last “Sitning” of Föreningen Ekonomerna (The Business school student association).

A sitning is a swedish college tradition. We eat a 3 course meal while we play games and listen to some fun presentations. After the dinner the room became a huge Dance floor.


It’s almost weekend time! We submitted in time our political strategy on Thursday evening. However, for our last marketing seminar we had to present our project in front of the class. We met at 1 pm and worked all afternoon before presenting our project at 4 pm. Our work really paid off because we ended up as having one of the best presentations.

After the seminar we all celebrated with some sparkling wine.


I have been working with this group of amazing people over the past few weeks. Our group was so diverse by our ideas, backgrounds and ages that we ended up having the best project. I am so thankful that our school brings together talented individual to become a more open-minded person.

I only have been here for a month but I am in love with the city of Stockholm that is beautiful, the lifestyle and SBS. I feel like this is more than just going to school. It’s an adventure on the personal, emotional and work level. If you decide to study here: Expect to be challenged, to grow up and finally to do big things in your life!

Stay tuned for more articles 🙂



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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