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Finding other International Students in Stockholm

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to quickly expose some of you (both new, old and prospective) international students to some of the places and resources online that you can use to meet and look for new and likeminded friends!

Since starting college here at Stockholm Business School last September, there have been a number of places where I’ve been able to network and meet people that are also here from abroad- from a whole lot of countries. Alright let’s get started!

  • Facebook groups: I’ve bolded this one and listed it first for a reason, here me out – if you go onto Facebook and search within the groups using keywords such as: Americans in Stockholm, Italians in Stockholm, International Students, or Meet new friends, you are bound to come up with more than enough groups to suit your particular circumstance. Because I’m from the US, I’m in a number of American expat groups here in Stockholm and it’s fantastic, I’ve been able to meet so many new people in a similar situation as my own!
  • Joining clubs and Meetup groups in Stockholm
  • Find a group that corresponds to your campus living: for example, I know that Lappis has TONS of groups on Facebook that posts events, parties, etc on their pages.
  • School associations and societies here at Stockholm Business School: there is both the Student Business Association (Föreningen Ekonomerna) as well as the Student Union at Stockholm University (Stockholms univeristets studentkår) that holds a number of events, meetings, mingles and even movie nights that run throughout the school year.

Be sure to look into some of these option, look them up, and get involved! There’s nothing ore satisfying than finding another person in this faraway country that shockingly holds many interests and things in common with you! Who knows where these friendships will lead!




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