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Exploring Other Swedish Cities

Hej allihopa!

We all know that as international students- whether you are from North America (like me), South America, or just nearby Norway- you’re undoubtedly going to want to venture away from the beautiful city of Stockholm to see a bit more of what the rest of Sweden has to offer. As wonderful as the capital city may be, the wanderlust in us all are going to want to witness what other, smaller towns has to offer, what fikabröds are popular in which region, and perhaps even how suburbia and rural life is like in Sverige through countryside encounters.

Whichever of these reasons bring you towards your next Swedish destination, you’re going to need to get yourself there by a decent mode of transportation. As students with student budgets, I would first recommend you to find transportation by bus.

Why? Because from my own personal experience, getting to other cities has definitely come out cheapest this way. In Sweden, there are a number of excellent bus or coach companies that depart from various locations in Stockholm- from City Terminal to pickup locations on the island of Lidingö, you name it. They are cheap, convenient, and quite hassle-free as far as the whole process goes, all the way from purchasing a ticket online to arriving at your final destination.

As an added bonus, if you are under the age of 25 or have a valid form of student ID (your Mecenat card or the magenta pink Student Union card will do perfectly) you purchase your fares for 20% off. SCORE! Now for the companies that I would personally recommend: Swebus and Flybussarna. So before your next adventure, take a look at these bus transportation providers and see if they have reasonable fares to get you from point A to point B!

P.S. Prices may vary daily, weekly, and definitely monthly- so be sure to book in advance once you are sure which dates you will be traveling!


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