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Winter in Stockholm?

Hej everyone,

When my alarm rang this week around 5 am and I had to leave my apartment it felt so cold! I realized when looking at the weather app on my mobile phone that winter really started… -3!! I will tell you it is not that bad actually, yet. For those that came to Sweden last year like me, I think we were quite lucky with the weather during previous winter and we should prepare ourselves for a really cold one coming up.


I think that Alex quite good visualized the acceptance rate to the programs at SBS and I was very happy when I finally got admitted to the Master’s program in Accounting, Auditing and Analysis. These were the exectations I had about Swedish winter when I received admission:

  • I have to wear all kinds of winter clothes, in order to prevent getting cold outside in -20 / -30 degrees celsius
  • I have to wear special shoes (such as moon boots or special snowshoes) because otherwise I cannot walk through high meters of snow.
  • Even though it will be dark around 3 pm, I will be able to enjoy sunshine during these few hours of light everyday.
  • I will have fika all day long, because this is just the time of the year to only drink coffee, eat sweets and enjoy time with friends.

OK, the last one is a lie, because I did not know what fika was back at that time but what I actually mean is just sitting inside and spending time with friends. Actually the reality turned out completely different, as it was not that cold (around -5), there was not a lot of snow and also we had more clouds than sun. I was quite disappointed because I had all my winter clothing with me and did not get to wear them in Stockholm unfortunately. Now the times have changed and they actually expect a really cold winter in Sweden and I am so looking forward! I guess the winter is already starting with minus degrees during the nights and more cold is to come.

Be prepared for the cold, but more importantly enjoy the nice cold times (or warm times with the heating finally on) with friends, snow and sun!


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