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Stockholm on a budget

October started and therefore a good reason for a new blog post!
This post is concerned with some good tips about surviving Stockholm without the need of spending a fortune (and yes, compared to other european countries Stockholm is expensive 😉 )



Finding a cheap supermarket is not too easy in Stockholm since the big chains ICA and Coop are battling each other with very good value deals. But if you want to be sure to pay a good price for your weekly groceries LIDL is your store. LIDL is a German discounter having a few stores in and around Stockholm.

More focusing on household products like detergents and personal care ÖoB is also a cheap alternative, especially if you are looking for brand products.

Additionally, it is important to say that in Stockholm it always makes sense to buy the bigger size since the discounts on larger sizes are often huge.

Coffee and Kanelbullar

Since coffee is a certain religion in Sweden and has Kanelbullar as the perfect complementary product is useful to watch out for some sweet student offers. Often especially chains like 7eleven, Pressbyran and supermarkets offer a combo of coffee and kanelbullar for students only costing you around 15 SEK. This allows you to get your daily dose of coffee combined with a sweet snack for a reasionable price. (And yes, they are as good as you imagine them to be)

Public transport

This is one of the first things to do: Get yourself an SL-card (SL is the local transport provider) and buy a three-month student ticket. But be careful, for the student ticket you also need to have a student membership that will enable you to make use of the discounted offer.


In general I have to say that most of the restaurants in Stockholm are fairly expensive but since I am burger addict I found my little charm: Vigårda. A nice and neat burger joint were you can get a burger, fries and cole slaw for around 80 – 90 SEK.

These are my Stockholm-living-on-a-budget recommendations so far.

I will add more in the future, especially also about traveling, fashion, etc.

So long….



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