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Exploring Other Swedish Cities: Part 2

Hej hej!

Last week I touched upon how and why you should consider traveling by bus or coach as a student when wanderlust calls for you to see other Swedish cities and towns. Today, I have a fun little post for you on one of these ‘other’ Swedish cities- the city of Örebro (meaning Penny Bridge in literal terms).

Situated two hours outside of Stockholm with a population of nearly 143,000, Örebro is currently the seventh largest city in Sweden. Known as the Town of Cycling in Sweden, it should be no surprise that there are an abundance of well-planned bicycle lanes and rentals- and here I thought this was the case in Stockholm!

The main attractions that draws in visitors from Sweden and other European countries alike include the beautifully romantic castle in the heart of town, the Wadköping Open Air Museum, as well as the water tower Svampen (also known as ‘the Mushroom’ to English speaking tourists like myself). Having been to all three myself, I would surely recommend them them if you are in town- Örebro castle especially!

So go and do a quick search for pictures of Örebro or pack a duffel and make a day trip over on your next free weekend! With its charming cobble streets in the center of town, scenic evening river walks around the castle, and the quiet calmness that comes with ‘small’ Swedish town vibes, Örebro is definitely well worth a day or two or visit. Be sure not to forget to drop by Örebro university for a glance at another Swedish higher education institution!

Happy ‘venturing!


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