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Join the International Committee or miss all the fun!


this week I am back with an article on Föreningen Ekonomerna, the business student association at SBS.

Last night I tried for you one of the numerous committees. I went to the 2nd open meeting of the International committee. I was not sure what to expect and it turned out to be lots of fun.

It was held in Building 8 known as Smedjan.

Building 8 host the Business association on the first floor. The basement is a place where you can study either in quiet rooms or in bigger rooms and talk and work on projects.

We were about 20 students and we were so many that we were almost missing space! We had Fika (coffee, muffins, cupcakes, juice…) before having a little introduction on what is the International Committee and how it works within the business association.


Then, we were supposed to have a little speed dating to get to know each other. It turned out that we were too many for this game so we ended up presenting ourself and give our “dream destination” 😀

Madeleine (Chairman of the IC), finally introduced us to all the exciting projects of the committee.


Madeleine is the girl on the left, standing up and talking to all the students.

Here is a better picture of her on the right, and her vice chairman on the left.


The different projects of the International Committee are:

1/ IBS WEEK:The International Business Student Week (IBS Week) where 20 students from our partner universities come to Stockholm for a week to experience what it is like to be a student at Stockholm Business School. It’s a week of company visits, lectures and plenty of social activities. For more information check out the IBS Week page on our website.

2/ “Stockholm European Career Tour is a project that offers a trip to several major European business cities for both international and Swedish students in order for them to learn about different international career opportunities and to experience different cultural and economic settings. The project is inspired from other Swedish universities whose students visit companies abroad to strengthen international contacts – do the same with Stockholm University and the Stockholm European Career Tour!”

3/ “Global Career is a project where we organize trips to Stockholm-based companies with an international organization or companies where you have the possibility to get an international career. Global Career aims to provide students with an interest in business the chance to learn more about the realities of working within international companies and organisations. By arranging company visits the project narrows the gap between international businesses and students.”

More information can be found on the website of the IC committee:

Or you can get in touch with Madeleine on her email:

You can either be part of the committee through a position such as project manager or you can just be an active member of the committee and come to the regular meetings and share your ideas.

I will definitely be joining them. I would highly advice to join any committees of the business association because it’s a lot of fun, you get to know your classmates and you network with companies. And… who knows? Maybe you could be meeting the next CEO of a fortune500 at SBS!

Talk to you later,



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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