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With the beginning of october also a new course at SBS started for me. For the second period of this semester I chose the Strategic Market Management course held by Dr. Amos Owen Thomas.

Course content:

Considering the title it should be about Strategy, Markets and Management. And this already gives a good first idea about what the course looks a like. The course mainly deals with the strategic orientation of companies in a marketing context, thereby assessing and discussing different tools, practices, models and ideas concerning this process from different perspectives.

Course structure:

The general course structure is divided in lectures and seminars. Lectures are used by the lecturer to provide the course with content but thereby still putting a focus on interaction with the class and application of the theory towards practical examples. The lectures are covering topics as internal analysis, competitive advantage or environmental analysis.

The seminars are mainly focused on group work on the previous lectures topics in context of a provided practical case example. Thereby different types of tasks that have to be undertaken as for example a case facilitation or an article synthesis. These tasks are then presented and discussed within the seminar. It is a quite encouraging way to learn the taught content by applying it on practical example and helps to analyze different perspectives on the case but also on the theory itself.

(Group work how it should be)                                  (Group work how it should not be 😉 )

Would I recommend the course?

Yes, so far (we are still in the middle of the course) I would definitely recommend this course. Especially when also considering the group work and the attached getting to know other students as an experience (I really enjoy working with my group). Important fact: In this course a high emphasis is given on the diversity of the single groups thereby fostering the exchange between different students, cultures and perspectives. So again, if you have the possibility to take this course at SBS, do it!

So far,



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