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October, time to connect!

After the integration activities in September and starting up the courses or maybe even already finish a course, it is time to think about the future. Especially as a master student, entering the job market becomes closer and closer. I speak out of experience when I say that network really plays an important role in finding great opportunities. OK, so network, what does it mean to me as a student and what should I do then?

From the perspective of the accounting and auditing student with the ambition to work at one of the Big 4 companies it would be highly beneficial to start already participating in many events:

  • It is fun to meet new people!!
  • Most of the events concern doing case studies where they look on what kind of team player you are, hence it would be important to show the best of you and participate actively. Further, it is highly beneficial for your ability to solve cases, which could be an acitivity you have to accomplish by yourself during a job interview.
  • As the Big 4 audit firms are quite similar in terms of size and structure, one should participate in the activities organized for students in order to have a better feeling of the organization: what are the people like and what is the organizational culture. More importantly, is then to reflect on yourself and whether you would fit in a particular organizational culture.
  • Further, as you know there are many students and hence it becomes quite valuable to participate in the activities and talk around and get to know as many people as possible. Have interesting conversations with them about ‘their work’, be interested in them and then they might remember you, which could be beneficial when applying for a position at one of these firms.
  • Moreover, the auditing firms hire usually one year in advance, hence it is advisable to start already in the first semester to make up your mind for which company you would like to work as well as expanding your network.

An example of the activities is the KMPG International Case Competition, you should just visit the websites of all the firms: Deloitte, EY and PWC and subscribe to newsletters concerning career opportunities or student activities.  The activities also include informal activities where there are just mingles and drinks organized for future colleagues of the particular firm.

Time to enjoy, connect and explore!


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