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Where will you go next?


this week I have decided to talk to you about a crazy feature of the BAPS program: 6 months abroad !

I think it’s crazy because you decide where you want to go next! Going on vacation for a few days is really easy to do. However, if you want to settle in a new country and live there it becomes quite hard. Visa? Job? Accommodation? … all those little things make it really hard.

Thank to SBS and their “Study abroad” program it is just so easy! You pick the destination and the next thing to do is to book your flight 🙂

I think it’s really awesome to ask yourself this question: “Where do I want to live for the next 6 months?”

Anything is possible. Sydney? Paris? Tokyo? Beijing? New York? or maybe even Iceland?

A lot of students in my class are hoping to study in the USA. Who wouldn’t be? I have been living in the USA for the past couple of years and so I do want to study in a different country this time.

The list of all the universities you can go to is available in here:

I change my mind every other days but I think I have my final list:

1/ Madrid, Spain (IE Business School).

2/ Mexico city, Mexico (ITAM Business School).

3/ Sydney, Australia (UNSW)

4/ Singapore (NUS)

5/ Peking, China (Peking University).

I have decided to put two Spanish speaking countries in my list for a few reasons. I speak fluently 2 languages (English and French) and I am learning Swedish. In this situation, I feel that learning a 4th language would be really awesome! Furthermore, I took Spanish in High School, but never got a chance to practice it.

IE Business School in Madrid is definitely my top choice. This school is always ranked as being part of the “Top 5 MBA” in the World. I think it would be very exciting to study at one of the Top 5 business schools in the world. (I hope classes won’t be too difficult!).

Finally, you are a bit worried about going to Asia, let me tell you why It is so worth it! At first, I wasn’t too excited because it is not a different culture, it’s a whole different civilization 😉 However, employers tend to value better an experience in Asia since it is quite hard to adjust yourself. Finally, give a look at this article.

Why go to Harvard when you can opt for an Asian ivy league

What about you? Where will you go next?



Author: Alex Barnier

Student at Stockholm Business School.

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